Ostase BAP EIA
Code: AC-20F1

CE Marked
FDA Cleared

Clinical Area: Bone Metabolism
Type: Manual
Format: EIA
Number of Tests: 96 (40 samples in duplicate)
Sample Type: Serum
Sample Volume: 50 μL
Assay Range: 7-90 μg/L

Unique Features

  • Fast turnaround time – results in approximately half the time of other manual assays. (1h 15 mins. total incubation with <30 mins. hands-on time)
  • Measures bone specific alkaline phosphatase (BAP) with low interference from other alkaline phosphatase isoforms
  • Excellent limit of detection (<1.0 μg/L)
  • Clinically relevant assay range – accommodates samples in a wide dynamic range (7-90 μg/L)
  • Excellent correlation with automated methods
  • Complementary – ideal companion product to Immunodiagnostic Systems Limited continually growing bone marker range
  • A complete assay panel supporting bone disease management
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